Corporate Law: Whether it’s establishing your business entity, ensuring regulatory compliance, or navigating complex mergers and acquisitions, or bankruptcy procedures, our dedicated team offers comprehensive support across all levels of corporate legal matters. With Legalis by your side, you can confidently focus on propelling your business growth.

Civil Law: Should you encounter challenges such as contractual disputes or property matters, our skilled team is equipped to represent you. We are committed to working towards resolutions through skilled negotiation or, when necessary, through litigation.

Administrative Law: Our experts can guide you through the maze of regulations, administrative procedures, and potential disputes with public authorities, making sure you stay compliant within respective legal framework.

Criminal Law: Our team offers comprehensive support, spanning legal defense and representing in criminal proceedings, ensuring you receive tailored and dependable legal guidance and representation.

Constitutional Law: Experience of Legalis helps you to understand and explain complicated aspects of constitutional issues, ensuring necessary support for issues and procedures related to fundamental rights and freedoms that are guaranteed by the Constitution, as well as interpretation of constitutional norms and principles.

Arbitration: Instead of traditional courtroom battles, we provide a more efficient alternative through arbitration services, helping you resolve conflicts swiftly and effectively outside the conventional judicial process.

Labour Law: Whether you’re an employer or an employee, we provide strategic advice to foster a positive work environment and ensure fair labor practices.

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